Responsive Tables – How to scale your site beautifully

Responsive Tables provide flexibility to your site to scale well, especially when it comes to viewing tables on mobile devices. But for some websites, responsive tables are non-existent. You might wonder how an existing table on a website can be made responsive. Please note, by responsive, I do not mean

Chrome Developer Tools – Easy Web Debugging You Need to Know

Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome Developer Tools - As a web developer, one tool that is invaluable is the Chrome Developer Tools. It is a feature rich set of tools that you can use directly from your Chrome Browser. In this article, I will have a look at four Chrome Developer Tools in particular. Chrome

Sass CSS – This Awesome Extension Will Make You Sassy

Sass CSS bringing back the awesome

Sass CSS - If you develop web applications and you have not heard about Sass, then today is your lucky day. To quote a note from the Sass website, it is the most mature, stable and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world. Sass CSS If you have ever had

The Unbelievably Powerful Multi Select. Increase Productivity Now.

The Unbelievably Powerful Multi Select - Being more productive in Visual Studio, ultimately leads to developers getting more done during the day. This is because developers spend most of their working day using Visual Studio. It therefore makes sense to know the hidden productivity tricks that Visual Studio has to

Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects

Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects

Visual Studio Installer Projects - The one thing that frustrates me a bit (other than iTunes) is how often the Visual Studio installer projects change from version to version. As of this writing there is no project template for Visual Studio 2017. Visual Studio Installer Projects Incompatible I was working on a project

Windows Task Manager – Resolve High Disk Usage

Windows Task Manager

Windows Task Manager - Resolve High Disk Usage The other day I was debugging an ASP.NET Application, and I noticed that the build and debug was really slow. I then noticed that my laptop fan was spinning continuously, and that this seemed to be related to the debug session. I stopped

Parallels Desktop – Run Visual Studio On Your Mac

Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop 10 - Do you love your Windows Applications and wish you could run them on your Mac? Well as some of you might or might not know, Parallels Desktop is the perfect solution for you. I write software for a living, so I am what I guess you would