Accelerate API Development in Visual Studio with .http/.rest Files!

Accelerate API Development with http or rest files in Visual Studio

Accelerate API Development - Modern web applications rely heavily on back-end APIs and microservices, which can be challenging to develop efficiently due to the need for agility and quick iterations. To make working with APIs easier during the entire inner-loop lifecycle, from coding to testing, Visual Studio has introduced a

Rainbow Braces for Visual Studio: A Comprehensive Guide

Adding Rainbow Braces to Visual Studio 2022

Rainbow Braces for Visual Studio makes it easier for developers to figure out which brackets match each other. Many IDE's provide this feature via extensions, and a feature request on the Visual Studio Developer Community is gaining traction. This feature has been added to the Visual Studio roadmap. There is,

C# 8.0 – What C# version does my App use?

Target C# 8.0 in .NET Applications

So you have created a new application in Visual Studio 2019. You might be surprised to learn that your application isn't using C# 8.0 by default. Not unless you are targeting .NET Core 3.x or .NET Standard 2.x. Looking for Something Else? Try These Links Instead: Enabling C# 8 in Visual Studio