C# 8.0 – What C# version does my App use?

Target C# 8.0 in .NET Applications

So you have created a new application in Visual Studio 2019. You might be surprised to learn that your application isn't using C# 8.0 by default. Not unless you are targeting .NET Core 3.x or .NET Standard 2.x. Looking for Something Else? Try These Links Instead: Enabling C# 8 in Visual Studio

Visual Studio IntelliCode – AI For your Code

use intellicode to power visual studio

Visual Studio IntelliCode allows you to add the power of artificial intelligence to your code. Enabling IntelliCode is super easy, and I'm going to show you exactly how to do this. LOOKING FOR SOMETHING ELSE? TRY THESE LINKS INSTEAD: Extension Methods Are Easy with C# Struggling With Imposter Syndrome? How To