Roslyn And The New Language Features of C# 6

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Roslyn And C# 6 - With Visual 2015 being released, developers were treated to some really cool new language features in C# 6. In this article I will highlight some of the features available and compare some to the old way of doing things.  20489

Debugging Lambda Expressions In Visual Studio 2015

Debugging Lambda Expressions - Visual Studio 2015 has added the ability for developers to debug Lambda Expressions. This is a big improvement for me personally because I quite enjoy using Lambda Expressions. Now I can debug these Lambda Expressions and modify values to test different scenarios. Let's take a look

Visual Studio 2015 IntelliTrace – Enable Historical Debugging

Visual Studio 2015 IntelliTrace - We have all been there. You get given a legacy project that has an error and you need to find it and fix it. Perhaps it is an old project you worked on several months or years ago. If the project was written by someone

Visual Studio 2015 Light Bulb – Lighting Your Path To Great Code

Visual Studio 2015 Light Bulb - If you have been using Visual Studio 2015, you will undoubtedly run into the Light Bulb during your ventures into the new IDE. This is a very handy tip and one that is really easy to make use of. This productivity feature is so

PerfTips – Visual Studio 2015 New Features In The Spotlight

PerfTips - How many times have you written timer code to see how long a certain method takes to execute? Perhaps you have a bit of reusable code that you can just plug in to do this. Well stash away that old timer code because as of today with the

Devart Code Compare

Devart Code Compare

Devart Code Compare is a really awesome tool for developers to use. It integrates seamlessly into Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and naturally, Visual Studio. It has also built-in support for the following popular source control systems: TFS, SVN, Git, Mercurial, and Perforce. Today I'm going to look at the standalone

LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK: Create Imaging Apps Easily

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LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK - I had the pleasure of taking the SDK for a spin, and let me tell you it was well worth it. LEADTOOLS has already established itself as a world leader in Imaging SDK's, but for me it goes much further than just that. The technical

Deep Web – Silk Road And The Inside Story Of Ross Ulbricht

Deep Web - Has the Dread Pirate Roberts been put away for life without the possibility of parole? This documentary explores those caught in the crosshairs of a battle for control of our future which is inevitably linked to technology. What's at stake? According to some, our digital rights hang

Introducing Code Contracts – Writing Better Code

Introducing Code Contracts - Exactly what are code contracts and how can they help me in my daily coding tasks? How do code contracts make my code better? Well as I have said before, user input is evil. All user input. Code contracts provide a way for a developer to