Writing Faster Code With Visual Studio 2013

Writing Faster Code - I'm sure that many of you already know the following tips. Some of these are probably not even confined to Visual Studio 2013. Nevertheless, I called the article 'Writing Faster Code With Visual Studio 2013' because that is the version of the Visual Studio IDE I

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code - It has finally happened. Microsoft announced the launch of Visual Studio Code today during its Build Developer conference. Why is this a big deal you might ask? Well Visual Studio Code is a lightweight cross-platform code editor that allows developers to create web and

Rebracer – Save Visual Studio Editor Formatting Settings Per Solution


Rebracer - Today a fellow MVP asked a very interesting question. I didn't think of this before, I must admit. Not until Matt asked it, which got me thinking that there must be other developers out there using Visual Studio that have the same requirement. It boils down to having different

Ajax Control Toolkit – JavaScript Runtime Error

So here I was on a Friday afternoon with another doozy of an error. I recently needed to make a modification to an existing web application we wrote. The original developer had left the company and I had to take this project over for the change. The forms make use

Exception Thrown By The Target Of An Invocation – Resolved… Sort Of

Exception Thrown

The other day I truly had a dumbstruck, absolutely floored, speechless moment. I tried to run SQL Server Management Studio and was presented with an error telling me that an exception has been thrown by the target of  an invocation. Well that error message was about as helpful as the first

Typical Developers Life… in GIF’s (How you feel when…) – Part 2

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Typical Developers Life - As you might know from my previous blog post, The Typical Developer’s Life… in GIF’s (How you feel when…), I really enjoy these GIF's that illustrate a different feeling or meaning to a scene. I decided that it was time to post another one. So here it

CodeFluent Entities – A Tool For Developers by Developers

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CodeFluent Entities - I love being a lazy software developer, especially when a great tool such as CodeFluent Entities is involved. It is incredible how much control this tool puts in my hands while allowing me to generate code with ease. In this article I will show you how to