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Rebracer – Save Visual Studio Editor Formatting Settings Per Solution

Rebracer – Today a fellow MVP asked a very interesting question. I have to admit that it is something I had never thought of before. Not until Matt asked it, which got me thinking that there must be other developers out there using Visual Studio that have the same requirement. It boils down to having different editor settings in Visual Studio for each project. So instead of having global editor settings that apply to all projects, you can be more granular in your approach.

Rebracer – Will The Real Extension Please Stand Up

Initially I thought that it would be a nice pet project to write a Visual Extension to do this, but being the lazy programmer that I am I decided to see if anyone else hasn’t already written it. I came across this nice extension in the Visual Studio Gallery which was written by Schabse Laks. It is called Rebracer and is free to download and use. As per the description on the gallery:

Rebracer solves an age-old problem with working on C# projects from a variety of source: source formatting settings. If you work on different open source projects, or on projects for different companies, each one is likely to have a different One True Brace Style, forcing you to change your Visual Studio settings every time you switch projects. Rebracer solves this by storing these settings alongside each solution. When you open a solution, Rebracer will automatically apply that solution’s settings, leaving you free to write code as usual. Whenever you open a solution, Rebracer will check for a Rebracer.xml file in the solution directory. If it finds one, it will load all settings from that file so that the solution will use its specified settings.

Just another quick note; if you are using Rebracer with Visual Studio 2010 you need to ensure that the .NET Framework 4.5 is installed. Rebracer is Open Source and you can find more information on GitHub.

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