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Import Application Option missing in IIS Manager

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With the release of Visual Studio 2010 came support to package up your ASP.NET Web Application. This also packages dependencies like the web.config, databases etc. An administrator can then import the created package via the Import Application option in IIS Manager. When I first read about this option, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. To access the Import Applications option, select the Default Web Site node under your server name.

The only problem was that the Import Application option was missing from the Actions pane in my IIS Manager.

















It turns out that a component called Microsoft Web Deploy 2.0 was missing. A quick search in Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs for non-Windows 7 users) provided no results. (As a side note, I have read that in some cases where the Microsoft Web Deploy 2.0 is found in Programs and Features, but Import Application option not visible in IIS Manager, uninstalling it, and re-installing it solves the problem.)

You can download the msi from here directly for the x86 version or via the website. (Direct link for the x64 version) Also be aware that you might need to run the installer as Administrator.















When the Microsoft Web Deploy 2.0 installer has completed, start the IIS manager from Administrative Tools (or Start–>Run and type in InetMgr.exe)









When the IIS Manager screen opens up, select the Default Web Site node and you will see the Import Application option in the Actions Pane.

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