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Siri Tip Calculator Shortcut

Siri Tip Calculator Shortcut

Siri Tip Calculator Shortcut

Siri Tip Calculator Shortcut – When iOS 12 launched for the general public, I was somewhat excited to use the Shortcuts app. Having used the Workflow app before, I was hoping to see Apple’s mark on an already incredible app.¬†For those of you that would like to learn more about Siri Shortcuts, have a look at this great article.

If you came here looking for other programmer tools, have a look at this article on programming tools I use.

What I discovered though, left me slightly underwhelmed. It seems that the only thing that changed was the icon and the addition of Siri.

Calculating a Tip

Nevertheless, I decided to fool around with the app and create a shortcut to calculate a tip. I know that there are tonnes of similar shortcuts out there, but the developer in me wanted to roll my own. You can download the Tip Calculator Shortcut to your Shortcuts app and try it out for yourself.

Hey Siri

The only thing you would probably have to change is the currency symbol. I got lazy and didn’t bother with trying to see if I could determine the currency from the region settings, so I just hardcoded in the South African Rand.

Are Siri Shortcuts Actually Useful?

Now that is the million dollar question. Having a look through the gallery, I can’t help but notice some really useless shortcuts. Who cares about the pronounciation of the word gif. Why is this even a shortcut? You will use it once, but after that… its usefulness becomes null and void.

Luckily for us, there are some really nice Shortcuts over on Reddit being shared by the community. I would start there and if you have a cool shortcut to share, do share it with the rest of us in the comments below or on Reddit.

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