Visual Studio 2022 Releasing this Summer

visual studio 2022 coming this summer

It's official, the first public preview of Visual Studio 2022 will be released this Summer. What is even more exciting news, is that this version of Visual Studio will be 64-bit. This means that developers will no longer be limited to ~4gb of RAM in the devenv.exe process. Looking for Something

Today in Tech – Thursday, Jan 10, 2019

Visual Studio Watch Window

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Today in Tech – Wednesday, Jan 09, 2019

Cleanup SQL Query Store

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Today in Tech – Tuesday, Jan 08, 2019

SignalR Server Hubs

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Steve Jobs – Anecdotes Of A Genius, A Life Well Lived

Steve Jobs Genius

Steve Jobs was an innovator, that is for sure. I guess that he could also have been a difficult boss sometimes. The Silicon Valley urban legend of an elevator ride with Steve Jobs.... 'nuff said. The direction Steve Jobs took Apple in, undoubtedly played a huge role in the success of

Today in Tech – Monday, Jan 07, 2019

SQL Server Performance Tuning

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Today in Tech – Friday, Jan 04, 2019

Avoid Memory Leaks

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Today in Tech – Thursday, Jan 03, 2019

Windows shift to Chromium

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