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Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code – It has finally happened. Microsoft announced the launch of Visual Studio Code today during its Build Developer conference. Why is this a big deal you might ask? Well Visual Studio Code is a lightweight cross-platform code editor that allows developers to create web and cloud applications that will run natively on OS X, Linux and Windows.

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code

Now that I have your attention, go and check out the documentation provided on the Visual Studio Code website. A great place to start is The Basics of Visual Studio Code. It is available now to download for free. If you would like to keep up to date with all things Visual Studio Code, follow them on Twitter or subscribe to their blog.

If you want to read some more, head on over to John Papa’s blog for a ‘Getting Started With Visual Studio Code‘ series.

More from Build

Microsoft Edge

The only thing I can say here is, watch the video! Simply incredible! It definitely blew me away and the video is actually quite a cool one too. It got me pumped up. Cheers Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is here to stay.

Cortana will soon power your desktop via voice commands

Microsoft seems to be wanting to make Cortana the primary method to interact with Windows applications without having to launch them. There is no doubt about it, we are moving towards a hands-free technological society.

Office plugins will work across platforms

This seems to be a write once, deploy over all the Office platforms (web, mobile, desktop) solution. If you do one thing on web, you will be able to do the same thing on your mobile device (iPhone too apparently) and on your desktop.


So there you go. Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code, shows us Microsoft Edge, dazzles with Cortana and wooed with Office. What more could a developer ask for from Build 2015.

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