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Xcode Stuck on Updating or Installing on M1 MacBook Pro

Xcode Update Stuck on M1 MacBook Pro

Xcode Update Stuck – Does Xcode take a long time to update using the Mac AppStore? By long, I mean hours? The problem here is that the AppStore does not give any feedback on the process. It seems like the process indicator keeps on spinning and spinning without making any progress. Taking into account that the download for Xcode 13.4.1 is over 10GB in size, your Internet speed might also play a role in this download and install or update taking a considerable amount of time.

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Considering that the Visual Studio 2022 download and installation experience is much better, Apple, unfortunately, has a very long way to go to make the experience of installing or updating Xcode better for developers.

Xcode Isn’t Really Stuck on Updating

The truth is that Xcode is (most of the time) just really bad at communicating the progress of the update to the user. While I agree that the Xcode update or install does appear to be stuck, and does take an unfortunate amount of time to complete, the real problem is the user experience.

Xcode Update Stuck for hours on Updating

The image above is the sum total of what you might see in the Mac AppStore. But there is a solution to this problem.

Using the Console on your Mac

To get some sort of feedback, you can use the Console on your Mac to see more detailed installation or update information. Using Spotlight (or Alfred which is a fantastic alternative), type in the word “Console” and open the Console app.

In the Search bar, type the words “App Store” and then click on the Start button.

The Console can give you feedback on the Xcode Update

The Start button then changes to a Pause button, and soon you will see the Console window fill up with progress information regarding the Xcode progress. You should see “Completed: [some number] of 1000”.

You can see completion steps as the Xcode Update progresses

This at least gives you a better view into the current process of what macOS is doing with the Xcode installation.

Skip the Xcode Update from the Mac AppStore

Seeing as you are here reading this article, I assume that you are currently sitting with a stuck Xcode Update. Good luck, and go make yourself a cup of coffee. You might be around a while. Another alternative, however, is to download and install Xcode from the Apple Developer website directly.

Download Xcode from the Apple Developer Site

At the time of writing this article, Xcode 14 Beta was available as well as the updated Xcode 13.4.1. Both of these versions could be downloaded from the Applications section on the Downloads page. This download and install is much, much faster than going via the Mac AppStore.

From now on, I’ll be taking my own advice… you see, my Xcode is also still busy “updating” itself.

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