Improve Code Skills? Consider Blogging

Improve Code

Having a tech blog will make you better at writing code. That is a fact. I have seen the benefits of this throughout my career as a software developer. You might wonder how this can be true. Well you see, blogging about certain concepts awakens a certain curiosity within you.

Flexible Working Hours – You Can Work From Home!

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible Working Hours Flexible Working Hours sounds quite idyllic, right? I saw a really great quote on LinkedIn this weekend. It said: If you can't trust your employees to work flexibly, why hire them in the first place? The thing is this, if you can show me one good reason why companies do not

IT Professionals, An Evolutionary Tale Of Technology

IT Professionals

IT Professionals came from somewhere beyond the memory of normal mortals. They are a special breed of person. This is the tale of their evolution. Back in the late 80's, my mom bought me a computer. Well, she actually bought it for the family, but I used it more often

Programming Tools For Developers

Programming Tools

Programming Tools For Developers What tools do you use in conjunction with your IDE to extend your capabilities? In the previous article in this series, I looked at how important it was to know your IDE. Did you know that you can show and hide the line numbers in Visual Studio? While