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Automate Trello using DevOps and Wunderlist

automate trello

Automate Trello – Let us have a look at using Microsoft Flow to automate Trello boards. Suppose you want to add a new DevOps work item when a Trello card is moved into the In progress list. In addition to that, you want to add this work item as a new Wunderlist To-do item. This can easily be done using a combination of actions.

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Automate Trello

I have a Trello board called Project Sovereign with a new task in the plannedĀ  list. I want my flow to action this task as soon as my card is moved to the In progress list.

Automate trello board

The details of my card is really simplistic. All I need is the name and description.

Trello Board Details

Creating the Automate Trello Flow

Create a new flow and look for the Trello action. Then add the When a new card is added to a list action. Once you have connected to Trello, you can select the board and list. In my example, I only want it to work on the In progress list.

add to trello list

The next action I want to add is a DevOps action to Create a work item. Once the connection is configured, select the account name, project name, work item type and title. I also added the Trello card description tot he DevOps work item description.

add devops work item

For this to work, you will need to configure your organization policy in DevOps to allow third-party application access via OAuth. You can also allow public projects should you wish to, but this is optional.

Devops allow third party access


Adding the Wunderlist Connection

In my Wunderlist application, I have a list called DevOps Tasks. I want to add the new Trello card to this list as a to-do item.

Wunderlist Tasks

Back in the flow, add the Wunderlist action and select the correct list. For the title of the to-do I will just use the Trello Card Name and the DevOps team project.

add wunderlist task

The complete Automate Trello flow will now look as follows.

completed microsoft flow


Triggering the Automate Trello flow

To trigger the Automate Trello flow, simply move the Add approval process card from the Planned list to the In progress list.

add trello card to board

Swing back to your project in DevOps (in my case, it is called Sovereign) and you will notice that a new work item has been added. If you don’t see anything, ensure that the Recently created filter is set. Remember, we didn’t assign this work item to anyone.

devops work item added

Lastly, in Wunderlist you will see the new to-do item in the DevOps Tasks list.

Wunderlist todo item added

With Microsoft Flow, we were able to automate Trello and have it update DevOps and Wunderlist in mere seconds. It is this kind of automation that increases productivity.

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