Writing Faster Code With Visual Studio 2013

Writing Faster Code - I'm sure that many of you already know the following tips. Some of these are probably not even confined to Visual Studio 2013. Nevertheless, I called the article 'Writing Faster Code With Visual Studio 2013' because that is the version of the Visual Studio IDE I

Destroying Programmer Productivity

Destroying Programmer Productivity

There is much to be said for the programmer that can zone themselves out from all the noise in the office. I used to work with such a programmer. She would sit and code with her headphones on (not uncommon for most programmers), but what made Taryn unique was that

Programmer’s Survival Tips – #10


 Telecommuting - The Pros and Cons I have taken some time to write this next post, simply because I wanted to give it some thought. Working from home..... It sounds like a dream come true, right? My company has their HQ in Johannesburg, and I have been working for one of their