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Struggling With Imposter Syndrome? How To Think And Overcome

Struggling With Imposter Syndrome

Struggling With Imposter Syndrome – There is no greater obstacle in a professionals career than having to deal with imposter syndrome. It is a very real phenomenon and you would be surprised at how many programmers are struggling with imposter syndrome. It has to do with the fact that you feel that your colleagues know more than you do. You secretly feel like a fraud. You are constantly worried that someone will find you out.

Struggling With Imposter Syndrome

The fact is that before programmers learn how to deal with imposter syndrome, they need to know how to identify it. All too often I have heard programmers say that they would never be able to work with a specific technology.

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Imposter Syndrome How to Overcome it

You feel that having your work peer reviewed will expose your lack of knowledge. Developers getting stuck in a rut is usually the result of not moving forward for fear of putting yourself out there. They never attempt to learn something new. Some programmers never move outside their comfort zone. It is for these reasons that struggling with imposter syndrome is a very real thing. Some signs that you might be struggling with imposter syndrome are:

  • You are afraid that people important to you will see you as incapable?
  • Do you struggle to accept compliments or praise?
  • Does it feel like your success is due to luck?

There is however a way for professionals in dealing with imposter syndrome.

You need a different perspective

The raw deal with imposter syndrome is that it makes you feel isolated and excluded. In reality though, everyone has a hand in what you know. The flip side is also true, you have a hand in what everyone else knows too. Think about that for a minute. There is an overlap of knowledge between developers.

Struggling with imposter syndrome visualization

This is the first and most important step in learning how to deal with imposter syndrome. Once you realize this, you can move past how you feel and replace that with passion.

Everything around you that you call life, was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it. You can influence it. – Steve Jobs

Start by moulding your perception of life. As it happens, you are the architect of your own destiny. It is within your reach to create the career that you want to have. All you have to do, is realize that you can.

Living life with passion

I’m not saying that programmers that are struggling with imposter syndrome have a lack of passion. I’m saying that imposter syndrome is getting in the way of you living passionately.

Passion lead us here

There is a different breed of person that can be found in the lonely hours of the night, faces illuminated by the glow of a computer screen, vamping on technology. This breed belongs to a passionate few that consider their trade as more of an artform, than work. The fact that you are reading this article, tells me that these passionate few include you.

Dirk Strauss
Dirk is a Software Developer from South Africa. He loves all things Technology and is slightly addicted to Jimi Hendrix. Apart from writing code, he also enjoys authoring books and articles. "I love sharing knowledge and connecting with people from around the world. It's the diversity that makes life so beautiful." Dirk feels very strongly that pizza is simply not complete without Tabasco, that you can never have too much garlic, and that cooking the perfect steak is an art he has almost mastered.

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