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Windows 8 Tips Series – Content Rollup

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windows 8 tips Series roll-upWindows 8 Tips Series has been a regular post on this blog for the past couple of months. I think it is time to close the series and provide a content roll-up of all the posts. With Windows 8.1 around the corner, I will probably cover that from now on.

I do have to say that Windows 8 is definitely a paradigm shift for many. Over the past couple of months I have heard some people commenting that they just can’t get used to it.

I am interested to see if the Windows 8.1 update will change that perception amongst the users. I personally feel that Windows 8 is a stellar Operating System and that it can only go from strength to strength with Microsoft driving it. Nevertheless, here is the complete Windows 8 Tips Series for your reading pleasure. As usual, comments are always welcome.

Windows 8 Tips Series Complete

Windows 8 Tips Part 1 – Mount ISO’s

Windows 8 Tips Part 2 – Shut down with one click

Windows 8 Tips Part 3 – Reduce your clicks

Windows 8 Tips Part 4 – Bring back Hibernate

Windows 8 Tips Part 5 – Turn on File History

Windows 8 Tips Part 6 – Secure your Data with Bitlocker

Windows 8 Tips Part 7 – Organize and Group Apps on the Start Screen

Windows 8 Tips Part 8 – On the Move with Windows to Go

Windows 8 Tips Part 9 – A more Secure System with Trusted Boot

Windows 8 Tips Part 10 – Launch File Explorer with Drive List

Windows 8 Tips Part 11 – Upgraded to Windows 8? Free up loads of disk space

Windows 8 Tips Part 12 – Start Windows 8 in Desktop

Windows 8 Tips Part 13 – Four Ways To Close Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 Tips Part 14 – Creating Recovery Media

Windows 8 Tips Part 15 – Take Back Control Of Your Settings

Windows 8 Tips Part 16 – Change Startup Programs… But Where Is Startup?

Windows 8 Tips Part 17 – Enable Merge Folder Dialogue

Windows 8 Tips Part 18 – Customize Task Manager

Windows 8 Tips Part 19 – Bring back Boot Into Safe Mode With F8

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