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The Daily Six Pack: June 26, 2013

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Windows 8 Tips Featured

Windows 8 Tips and Tricks; the featured link is specially for wifey that bought her new laptop yesterday. Windows 8 does seem slightly daunting for a new user, but I assured her that it will soon become second nature. And especially with Windows 8.1 due soon, better. I am personally very excited to upgrade my Windows 8 installation to 8.1 (which is a free upgrade by the way).

Then we have an article by Scott Hanselman on how to start your first podcast. Scott does make podcasts and you can check them out from his blog or at Hanselminutes, This Developer’s Life and Ratchet & The Geek. He talks about equipment, editing, publishing and more. This is an essential article for anyone thinking of getting into podcasting. So make sure that you bookmark this link.

Lastly, have you ever tinkered with Lisp? Vsevolod Dyomkin shares a free ‘Lisp Hackers’ ebook. If you are into Lisp or just curious about it, I reckon that the free ebook is a great place to start.

The middle of the week has arrived. Have a great Wednesday! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

Feature link: Windows 8 Tips
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Today’s Comic

Today’s xkcd comic is an obvious one. Thanks to Vsevolod Dyomkin and xkcd

Lisp Cycles
Lisp Cycles
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