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Destroying Programmer Productivity

Destroying Programmer Productivity

There is much to be said for the programmer that can zone themselves out from all the noise in the office. I used to work with such a programmer. She would sit and code with her headphones on (not uncommon for most programmers), but what made Taryn unique was that

The Daily Six Pack: June 24, 2013

Skype Eavesdropping, yes that is correct; Skype is giving the NSA access to customer communications. That means everything you do on Skype, consider it logged on a server somewhere. How would you stay ahead of the game? Where do you begin protecting your assets and on-line communications? Dylan Love chats about

The Daily Six Pack: June 7, 2013

VS Anywhere is a third-party tool for Visual Studio. It helps to increase the collaboration between team members and especially developers. VS Anywhere will also allow knowledge transfer where Developers can setup and join a real-time learning session on-demand. Do you think that great programmers are born, not made? What do you

The Daily Six Pack: June 4, 2013

Programming Skills are essential to every programmer out there. But there is something that no school or institution can teach you. To become better at what you do with regards to programming, you first need to learn how to become a better person. The reason for this is that you

The Daily Six Pack: May 24, 2013

Code Comments are essential to every programmer's job. It is especially important if you're the programmer that needs to understand what the code needs to do. The problem is that code comments are many times a tedious affair and not  many programmers keep it up throughout the project. That is

The Daily Six Pack: May 11, 2013

Hello and welcome to more tech goodness. Beth Massi, a Senior Program Manager on Microsoft's Visual Studio team answers a couple questions she received recently. In particular, how do you add data to tables with a one-to-zero-or-one relationship in Visual Studio LightSwitch. Then you might remember that earlier in the week Julie

When my code is in tons of trouble…Write in C

When I started programming as a career, I did so in VB.NET. It was my preferred language of choice and I never thought of trying C#. When I changed jobs back in 2007, I forced myself to take a leap of faith and use C# exclusively. 1713

C# Programming – Caller Information Attributes

Okay, so I don't have a specific series for this and seeing as this is more of a programming tip, I'll leave it out of the Visual Studio 2012 Tips series. Caller Information Attributes are a very useful and probably underutilized feature implemented in the C#5.0 Compiler. Caller Information Attributes

Why I Fall In Love With Code Each And Every Day

You know that feeling when you are in the groove, and the code just flows?  You might be listening to music (Pink Floyd or Ahmad Jamal is my code music) or sitting in complete silence. You might code to Slayer blasting in your ears or flourish in the hum drum