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The Daily Six Pack: June 4, 2013

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Programming Skills Featured

Programming Skills are essential to every programmer out there. But there is something that no school or institution can teach you. To become better at what you do with regards to programming, you first need to learn how to become a better person. The reason for this is that you need to interact with people first and foremost before you write a single line of code. If you suck at interacting with people, how can you do something as simple as gathering requirements for a system you are about to develop?

Fran Hoey touches on some non-coding skills that will surely make you a better programmer. Then you can also have a look at my previous blog post: IT Professionals, An Evolutionary Tale. Check it out for a cool infographic on the evolution of the IT Pro.

You can also have a look at the post by Arron on the web on becoming an Elite Developer. Lots of these posts are intertwined and we as professionals should take note of them. Then, we have a sneak peek at Internet Explorer 11 being released with Windows 8.1 (hands up all who are giddy with excitement over that one) and lastly Jeff Blankenburg shares an awesome post on what is on his desk. It says a lot about a person and seeing what other developers have going on in their work space is another opportunity for the rest of us to learn.

Well that is all that I have for today, I hope that you all have a fantastic Tuesday! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

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Today’s xkcd comic is a classic. I hate standing in queues, so I usually immerse myself with tech (i.e. surf the web, StumbleUpon, Tweet etc) But this guy takes a different approach!

Post Office Showdown
Post Office Showdown
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