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The Daily Six Pack: May 11, 2013

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Hello and welcome to more tech goodness. Beth Massi, a Senior Program Manager on Microsoft’s Visual Studio team answers a couple questions she received recently. In particular, how do you add data to tables with a one-to-zero-or-one relationship in Visual Studio LightSwitch.

Then you might remember that earlier in the week Julie Larson-Green was at the WIRED Business Conference discussing Windows and it’s evolution. Microsoft updates more than a billion unique Windows PCs each month with updates. Most of these run Windows 7, and some even still run Windows XP. (Serious Tech stats right there)

What is clear though that more and more people are running Windows 8 each day. In fact, Tami Reller announced that Microsoft sold more than 100 million licenses of Windows 8. This in just the first six months on the market. Read more at the link below.

Business analyst, technologist, Microsoft MVP, SkyWarn storm spotter, wannabe fitness freak, and nerd from Moore, Oklahoma, Shawn Keene gives us the inside info on the hardware and software he uses the most. I enjoy such posts. What an IT person uses tells the rest of us quite a lot about that person. It also makes you realize what you should be doing in many instances.

That’s it for today folks! Have a great Saturday and see you on Monday! Here is The Daily Six Pack.

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