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Windows 8 Tips Part 17 – Enable Merge Folder Dialogue

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Windows 8 Folder Merge

Back in Windows 7, when you copied a folder into another folder that already contained a sub-folder with the same name, you would receive a warning dialogue warning you that the folders with the same name will be merged. This at least gave you a heads-up before continuing.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on how you look at this) Windows 8 does not display this warning dialogue any more. Windows 8 continues merrily on it’s own tangent and merges the two folders into one single folder.

Well I am not sure about you, but for me (being a bit of a control freak) I like to know what actions Windows 8 will perform on my files and folders. I also want a say in those actions.

Change Windows 8 Folder Options

Luckily, this behaviour can be changed easily. To do this, you need to open File Explorer. Move your mouse pointer to the bottom left of your screen. You will see the Start Icon pop up.

Windows 8 Start Icon

Right click on it and you will see a context menu with a host of menu items to some quite useful Windows 8 locations. Select File Explorer.

Right Click Windows 8 Start

On the View Tab of the File Explorer window, select the Options menu item and click on ‘Change folder and search options’.

Windows 8 Change Folder Options

The folder options dialogue screen is displayed. On the View tab you will find an option called ‘Hide folder merge conflicts’ which is checked by default. To enable the merge folder warnings, you need to deselect this option and save your settings.

Windows 8 Hide Merge Conflict

The removal of this warning screen by default in Windows 8 is surprising, but Microsoft has made it easy enough to get the setting back. So if you would like to be in control of what happens when folders will be merged in Windows 8, go and change the folder options setting.

Reference: lifehacker

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