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Outlook Online has New Features

Outlook Online New Features makes you love email again

Outlook online has some new features. When I first signed up for an account, I was reserved regarding how much I would use it. I have had the same GMail account since receiving an invite years ago, and I figured that wouldn’t come close to replacing GMail. Well I was mistaken. The more I used, the more I loved it. I now use it almost exclusively for new mail and contacts.

But a clean looking, incredibly user friendly interface isn’t all that offers. With the migration of Hotmail users to completed, Microsoft have been quite busy! Microsoft has moved an estimated 150 petabytes of email data over to (That is a huge amount of data).

Outlook Online and the 150 Petabytes of Data

So how big is 150 petabytes of data? Well Microsoft News Center posted this infographic:

Outlook Online and 150 petabytes of data

Some of the new features Microsoft added are:

  • Sending email messages from other email addresses – Now you can email messages from that can appear to come from other email services. You can thus consolidate all your email accounts through
  •  Deeper SkyDrive integration

For more info on these and other features, take a look at the following post by Dick Craddock on the Outlook Blog. Lastly, Xbox MVP William Devereux chats with Marketing Manager Galileo Vieira on the New Features in


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