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Microsoft OneDrive Doubles Free Storage

Microsoft OneDrive – If you are using OneDrive free you need to know that Microsoft has doubled the free storage. In order to get this, all you need to do is enable the auto-upload feature from within your OneDrive app. But you need to hurry as this deal is only till the end of September.

Microsoft OneDrive

I’m using an iPhone but if you are not an iPhone user you need not worry. The additional space will be applied to anyone backing up their photos from Windows Phone (Windows Phone Store), Windows (Download) or Android (Google Play Store).

Microsoft OneDrive

So why not use iCloud Drive for my storage? Well this is a complicated question to answer. While I personally love Apple devices and services, one such service I think needs a bit more time in the wild is iCloud Drive. I don’t think that I’m ready quite yet to use it to store my photos that I’m very sentimental of. I also don’t think that iCloud Drive is as cost effective when compared to other services. At the moment I have a lot of photos I want backed up to OneDrive and I feel that the pricing for the 100 GB  and 200 GB tiers are very reasonable.

Microsoft OneDrive

Throw in an Office 365 subscription, and you get a whopping 1 TB of space. This is a really good deal to me. You get different pricing for family and individual accounts when using Office 365. Add the OneDrive mobile app to the mix and you have a very nice solution indeed.  Incidentally, the issues with the OneDrive app uploading photos and videos in the background seem to have been resolved and works like a charm.

Lastly, if your better half doesn’t use an Apple device, they will still be able to access the images stored on OneDrive where with iCloud Drive you can only access it from an iOS device. I think I’m going to upgrade my free OneDrive to a paid plan and get more storage. With the current storage wars going on, the services offered to users can only get better (Here is a nod in your direction Apple).

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