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Apple admits iPhone X display module issues

iPhone X Display Issues – I have an iPhone X. It is a fantastic device. Unfortunately it has come to light that it might exhibit touch issues stemming from a possible component failure on the display module. In short, Apple is saying that there is something on the display module that might fail sometime in the future and nuke your iPhone.

iPhone X Display Issues will manifest as follows:

If and when this component does fail (and I say when, because I think Apple is counting on users upgrading after two years anyway), the following issues might present themselves:

  • The entire display (or a section of it) might become unresponsive to touch.
  • The display will intermittently respond to touch.
  • The display will react without it being touched.


The good news is that Apple will replace the display module on any affected (eligible) devices for free. If your device has a cracked screen, or any other damage which will impare the repair, Apple will need to address that issue first before replacing the display module. This might incur an additional cost to the owner of the device.

Where can I repair my iPhone X?

If you suspect that your iPhone X display issues are being caused by this faulty component, you need to have your device inspected to determine its eligibility for the replacement program. To do this, you can:

As stated above, if your device has any damage to it, this would need to be sorted out first.

Did you buy your device abroad?

Apple might limit the repair to the country you purchased your device from. This also means that purchases in EEA member countries can be serviced in any of those EEA member countries. It is worth noting that this program covers affected iPhone X devices for 3 years after the first retail sale of the device.

The takeaway

While the iPhone X is a fantastic device, I am somewhat hesitant to hold onto it for too long. As soon as I can upgrade, I will probably do so. Whatever the end result, don’t count on selling your old iPhone X. It’s second hand market value has just tanked because of this and you will be hard pressed getting a good resale price for your iPhone X.

Here is the original statement from Apple.

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