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Social Media And All Of Us

Social Media – To what extent does Social Media impact our lives today? How often do you walk around in town and see people on their smartphones. How many likes does your status update get? How many retweets do you receive? How many followers do you have? Are you the mayor of this place or that? Can you create a great Vine using stop motion?

It consumes our whole existence, and while I use it quite a lot I can understand that there are some that go a bit overboard with their use of Social Media. The question I think we should be asking is, just how social is Social Media?

Social Media – Social or Not

Sometimes I will be in a group of people, and somehow you will invariably find the odd person furiously busy ‘whatever-ing’ ¬†on their phone. Somehow it seems acceptable, but when you are in company and someone is distracted and not staring into a screen of some type, it is considered rude?

social media

Hey, I guess that there is a time and place for everything. So from now on, instead of staring at your loved-ones through the screen of Instagram, consider rather spending time with them by actually being there. But we need to be mindful of the times that Social Media has been extremely useful. It has been the medium of choice for the truth tellers, the revolutionaries, the thinkers and freedom makers. I guess there is a place in the sun for everything.

The following video below is an excellent example of some people’s distracted life with Social Media. Have a look and I’m interested in hearing your opinions on the matter in the comments below. Are you a lover or a hater.

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Dirk Strauss
Dirk is a Software Developer from South Africa. He loves all things Technology and is slightly addicted to Jimi Hendrix. Apart from writing code, he also enjoys authoring books and articles. "I love sharing knowledge and connecting with people from around the world. It's the diversity that makes life so beautiful." Dirk feels very strongly that pizza is simply not complete without Tabasco, that you can never have too much garlic, and that cooking the perfect steak is an art he has almost mastered.

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