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Win a copy of C# 7 and .NET Core 2.0 Blueprints

Win Net Core 2.0 Blueprints

Enter to Win a copy of my new book .NET Core 2.0 - Jas Rademeyer and I have recently published C# 7 and .NET Core 2.0 Blueprints. Leverage the features of C# 7 and .NET core 2.0 to build real-world .NET core applications. The book contains easy-to-follow real-world projects that get you

C# 7 and .NET Core Cookbook Published

C# 7 and .NET Core Cookbook

C# 7 and .NET Core Cookbook: I have recently published a book on C# 7 that takes a look at the new features in C# 7.0 as well as a host of other goodies for your developer palate. C# 7 and .NET Core Cookbook It takes a look at all of the

The Daily Six Pack: September 07, 2015 (Bumper Edition)

A COLLECTION OF LINKS FOR LOVERS OF I.T. Dirk Strauss . . . . Feature link: Moving To Visual Studio 2015 Moving to Visual Studio 2015 from Visual Studio 2013, James Chambers Other Update to Developer’s Guide to Windows 10 video series, Windows Apps Team Developing for Windows 10: Interview with Kevin Gallo, Rosshe Announcing Great New SQL Database Capabilities in Azure, Scott Guthrie A Developer’s

The Daily Six Pack: December 08, 2014

A COLLECTION OF LINKS FOR LOVERS OF I.T. Dirk Strauss . . . . Feature link: Sony Hackers Sony Hackers Knew Details Of Sony's Entire IT Infrastructure, Sara Peters Other 5 Incredible Features in the Visual Studio 2015 Preview, Michael Crump Getting ready for the future with the Microsoft .NET Portability Analyzer, Scott Hanselman Customizing Report Manager Home Page, Melissa Blom Control Data Access in Azure Storage