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South African Cities And Provinces – A Complete List

Find a list of South African Cities

South African Cities – Are you looking for a complete list of South African Cities along with their provinces? Well, good luck with that. I spent the most part of my Saturday searching for a comprehensive list (which I didn’t find).

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Below is the product of my research, a downloadable list of all South African Cities.

South African Cities – A Complete List

I have had to massage the data somewhat with doing some fancy SQL footwork. What I have ended up with is a list of SA Cities along with their provinces and Longitude and Latitude coordinates. You can download the files from the links below.

CSV File

Zipped RPT File

Excel File

SA Cities MSSQL Database RAR

SA Cities MSSQL Database 7 Zip

Lastly, if you’re looking for some useful Web Services, consider WebserviceX.NET which I used to illustrate the concept of Obfuscation. Enjoy!

UPDATE – 19 September 2015

Thanks to Charles Crous that made me aware of a possible error that exists for the GPS coordinates of Tweespruit in the Free State. Google reports the coordinates as 29.1856° S, 27.0289° E and not as defined in the list.

South African Cities on GitHub: UPDATE – 3 June 2017

I have added the files to a GitHub repository. If you would like to add to the database, making it better, please grab it from GitHub and contribute.

Google Maps Geocoding API Address Validator – 17 July 2017

I have created a small C# project that uses the free* Google API to validate an address. Check it out on GitHub.

* Free – Limited to 2,500 free requests per day.

UPDATE – 27 December 2018

There is another site that I recently found that has a list of South African cities. That list is released under an MIT license.

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