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CloudBerry Backup Desktop Edition by CloudBerry Lab

CloudBerry Backup
CloudBerry Backup

There is one thing in this world that many people fail to do. That is maintain regular backups of important files and documents. I often wonder why this is? I have come to the conclusion that many people don’t do it because it is a hassle. We often don’t have the time to make regular backups or we get so entrenched in everyday life, that making backups is the last thing on our mind. CloudBerry Backup definitely has a solution for you.

Daily Online Life

As a software developer, it is fairly safe to say that a lot of my day-to-day activities are performed online. As a result I generate quite a lot of important files. For every work task I complete in Jira, I maintain a separate task notes document. This document is more for me than for anyone else. It contains any links used to research the task requirements, notes to myself, other affected systems or areas of the project I’m working on and so on. I also have a host of other files such as eBooks, Contracts, Licenses, Photos and other personal files that I can’t afford to lose. It amazes me how quickly a person can amass a few Gigs of personal and other important data.

CloudBerry Backup

With CloudBerry Backup, the hassle of keeping track of these backups is taken care of. There is a free version available which is licensed for personal use only. So there is no reason you shouldn’t give this product a try. For Microsoft MVP’s and MCT’s, CloudBerry Lab offers free licenses. What a pleasure! All that MVP’s and MCT’s need to do is fill out the online form and provide the link to your Microsoft MVP profile.

CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Backup In Action

Have a look at the video below for a short demo of two backup types. CloudBerry Backup offers too many backup options to cover in a single review. Whatever you requirement is, CloudBerry Backup has the right solution for your business and personal needs.

CloudBerry Backup supports more than 20 cloud storage providers including Microsoft Azure. Users can therefore have separate cloud storage solutions of their choice. Separate cloud storage solutions mean that the backups are secure. The addition of a single tool to manage these backups means that you are not locked-in with one cloud storage provider which leaves you vulnerable to price changes. You are however still able to manage your files from the cloud storage providers’ console which makes your backups accessible on the go.

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