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Google Data Centers – Where your Internet lives

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Google Data CentersGoogle Data Centers – Chances are that a copy of this page is sitting on a server in one of Google’s massive data centers. In fact every time you access the Internet, Google comes in to play some way or another.

Obviously the technology behind the Google Data Centers is a closely guarded secret. It was therefore quite a mystery to a couple of IT folks in the small farmland town of Shelby, Iowa when they received a mystery networking device called the Pluto Switch.

But recently, Google has opened the doors of one of their Data Centers to Connie Zhou, making her the first photographer officially allowed into Google’s massive data centers.

Google Data Centers – Where The Internet Lives

To do the images justice, head on over to Google’s site where the Data Center is showcased. 1.72 Trillion searches were performed on Google in 2011, that’s 4.72 billion searches each day. Google+ has 400 million users and Google places a strong emphasis on using renewable energy. Google Data Centers are also renowned as being some of the most efficient in the world.

Google now allows us to step inside their Data Centers. So for a more relaxed tour of the Google Data Centers, take a leisurely stroll around one of them via Google Street View.

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Google Data Centers are multi-billion dollar constructions which require Google’s engineers to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries.

“Don’t look at the way it has been done, as the only way it can be done” – Joe Kava, Sr. Director of Data Center Construction and Operations

The video below is a testament to this and their commitment to staying as green as possible while delivering the best possible user experience for millions of users. So the next time you type in a search, check your GMail, share a link on Google+, view a clip on YouTube or do pretty much anything on the Internet, be mindful of the technology that makes this possible.

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