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Atomineer Pro Documentation for Visual Studio 2012

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Anomineer for Visual Studio 2012

One of the best tools I have ever used is Atomineer for Visual Studio. It provides excellent code comments and is far more readable (and makes more sense) than other commenting tools out there.

If you are looking for such a tool, try out Atomineer. It is very affordable and you get tremendous value for money. Each Atomineer Pro Documentation license will buy you a year of email support and software updates. I have to say that the email support is truly great and very quick.. To show you what the comments look like, I created a small test application and added comments via the Ctrl-Shift+D shortcut.

Visual Studio 2012 Code Block

The code comments make sense in relation to the method names, parameters and return values.

Visual Studio 2012 Code Block

But Atomineer can be configured exactly the way you require from the preferences screen. There are so many configurable options here, it allows you to tweak Atomineer exactly the way you want.

Atomineer Pro Documentation Preferences

On the Atomineer website, you can view the impressive Product Comparisons. Atomineer also supports Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, and 2012. According to the Atomineer website:

With a single keypress or menu command, the add-in can:

  • Create or update highly configurable Documentation XML, Doxygen, Qt or JavaDoc-format documentation comments for code elements (file, namespace, class, interface, template, struct, enum, variable, property, event, delegate, function/method, etc) in your code. Atomineer will automatically generate a clear starting point for your documentation, with context-sensitive descriptions for all parameters, generic type parameters, thrown exceptions and return codes, using contextual information such as existing documentation from related base class and override methods/properties and existing parameters within the same class, and generating accurate and specialised documentation for thousands of common function, class and parameter types. Comments can be automatically converted between all of the supported formats and from bespoke formats to update legacy documentation to a new standard. It can also optionally reformat the updated text using automated indentation, word wrapping and XML validation/correction to keep your code documentation legal, accurate, informative and tidy with a minimum of effort on your part. An absolutely essential tool for any team wishing to write maintainable code.
  • Automatically document/convert every code element within a namespace/interface/class/struct/enum scope.
  • Word-wrap the text in a block comment.
  • Instantly align similar lines of code (e.g assignments, parameters, etc) into columns to improve clarity, readability and editability.
  • Hide all documentation comments and/or attribute declarations using Visual Studio’s Outlining facility.
  • Auto-generate a C++/C skeleton implementation (in your source file) from a declaration (in a header).
  • Open the matching header for a given C++ source file, or the matching source file for a given header.
  • Add a C++/C declaration to your header for any existing method implementation.
  • Create C# Auto-Properties, Explicit Properties or C++ Accessor functions from member variable declarations.
  • Copy code to the clipboard in a clean format ideal for use in applications such as when writing Word .doc Documentation, or emailing examples to team members.

With a try before you buy 30 day trial, there is no reason not to give Atomineer a try. Go see for yourself.

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