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The Daily Six Pack: March 19, 2014

A COLLECTION OF LINKS FOR LOVERS OF I.T. Dirk Strauss . . . . Feature link: Lock Block Deadlock Primer A Primer on Locks, Blocks and Deadlocks, Michael J. Swart Other We shipped a lot of OneNote today!, John Guin Feel that Code Regions are the devil’s work? Exorcise them with Regionator for VS2012, Greg Duncan Tools and Apps, Jim Wooley Windows

Visual Studio 2012 Intellisense Stopped Working – Solved

Sometimes software surprises me. Somehow it just inexplicably stops working the way we expect it to. What is even more surprising is how somewhere, someone has a solution to this problem you are facing. I am using Visual Studio Ultimate 2012, and the other day while writing some code for a

The Daily Six Pack: September 4, 2013

A COLLECTION OF LINKS FOR LOVERS OF I.T. Dirk Strauss . . . . Feature link: MCSD Resources 2012 MCSD Resources, Kevin Logan Other Updated NuGet Support in Visual Studio 2012.4, Immo Landwerth Some key points in the Microsoft – Nokia deal, Kip Kniskern Web security, Dark Matter Developers and lowering the bar, Troy Hunt Printing the .NET TreeView Control, Mark Pitman Host

Visual Studio Spell Checker – Dot Your I’s And Cross Your T’s

Visual Studio Spell Checker - A couple of years ago, I had to create an application  for a German company. Along with using localisation to create the German/English translation, spell checking that sucker was a challenge. There were well over a few hundred text strings and many of these were stored

LightSwitch Themes – A Change Is As Good As A Holiday

LightSwitch Themes - One of the most pivotal moments for me during my LightSwitch adventures were themes. If you have been following the previous articles, you will know that LightSwitch brings exceptional ease of use to your development repertoire. One of the most confining areas of an application is the look

Extending LightSwitch – Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole

Extending LightSwitch - In my previous post Visual Studio LightSwitch – True Power Lies In Simplicity, I showed how easy and quick it was to create a fully functional, data aware Windows Form. If you haven't read the previous post, go check it out. In this post however, I want to take it

The Daily Six Pack: August 12, 2013

A COLLECTION OF LINKS FOR LOVERS OF I.T. Dirk Strauss . . . . Feature link: Twitter Two Factor Authentication Twitter's Two-Factor Authentication System, Bruce Schneier Other Building apps with the .NET Framework 4.5.1 Preview in Visual Studio 2012, The .NET Team XAML Editor Improvements in Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio Blog Step-by-step: Getting setup on Azure with your MSDN benefits,

Visual Studio 2012 Tips Series – Content Rollup

Visual Studio 2012 Programmer Tips

Visual Studio 2012 Programmer Tips were fun and very edifying to research and write about. With Visual Studio 2013 around the corner, I have decided to provide all the previous Visual Studio 2012 tips together in one place for your reading pleasure. Visual Studio 2012 is really a different beast and

The Daily Six Pack: August 1, 2013

A COLLECTION OF LINKS FOR LOVERS OF I.T. Dirk Strauss . . . . Feature link: Code Information Indicator Styles Changing Code Information Indicator Styles in Visual Studio 2013, Abhijit Jana Other Samsung claims innocence in face of benchmark-rigging allegations, Aaron Souppouris Office Mobile for Android Phones Preview, Paul Thurrott Shortcut Key To Change The Page Orientation In Excel 2013, Senthil

The Daily Six Pack: July 31, 2013

iOS7 Beta is on a lot of eager Apple fan's iPhones. Personally I don't do the Beta thing on my iPhone, but nevertheless I am quite surprised at some of the nice features. I can't wait to upgrade my iPhone to iOS7, but for now I'll stay clear of iOS7