Visual Studio 2012 Intellisense Stopped Working – Solved

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Sometimes software surprises me. Somehow it just inexplicably stops working the way we expect it to. What is even more surprising is how somewhere, someone has a solution to this problem you are facing. I am using Visual Studio Ultimate 2012, and the other day while writing some code for a

Visual Studio 2012 Tips Series – Content Rollup

Visual Studio 2012 Programmer Tips

Visual Studio 2012 Programmer Tips were fun and very edifying to research and write about. With Visual Studio 2013 around the corner, I have decided to provide all the previous Visual Studio 2012 tips together in one place for your reading pleasure. Visual Studio 2012 is really a different beast and

Visual Studio 2012 Tips Part 5 – Protect Your Code, Obfuscate

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In the world of Software Development today, anyone that doesn't protect their intellectual property is setting themselves up for disaster. Luckily, Visual Studio 2012 (as do previous editions of Visual Studio) comes with a community edition of PreEmptive Dotfuscator and Analytics. To compare the editions and other features available in Dotfuscator