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Windows 8 Tips Part 12 – Start Windows 8 in Desktop

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Do you wish you could start Windows 8 and go straight to the Desktop? Well it is possible, with a bit of spit and polish. Here is how you do that.

Windows 8 Control Panel

Open Control Panel and select the Administrative Tools option.

2 Task Manager option in Administrative Tools

Select the Task Scheduler

3 Create a Basic Task in Task Scheduler Library

Select the Task Scheduler Library on the Left and click on ‘Create Basic Task’ from the Actions menu.

Configure Basic Task Options

Give the task a suitable name and description.

Configure Trigger for Basic Task

Click on Next and then select the Trigger – ‘When I log on’.

Configure Action for Basic Task

Click Next and select the ‘Start a program’ action.

Configure Start Program for Basic Task

Click Next and Type or Browse to explorer at the following path:

[sourcecode language=”text”]c:windowsexplorer.exe[/sourcecode]

Create Basic Task Overview

Then click on next, review your settings and click on Finish. The next time you start Windows 8, it will briefly display the Start Menu before going to the Desktop.

source: ars technica

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