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The Daily Six Pack: June 10, 2013

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Welcome to a new week. I hope that you had a better weekend than mine. I was busy bringing my laptop back to life due to a slight case of (assumed) rootkit infection. Nevertheless, I managed to put together The Daily Six Pack on one of the 5 PC’s in the house and here it is for your reading pleasure.

You will notice that I have included some links to previous articles of mine. For those of you looking for a really great story to read, head on over to the article of Paul Miller, who spent a whole year without the Internet. The video clip is well worth watching.

Lastly, you can look at my Featured Link by K K Kodoth where he discusses the power of Delegates in C#.

Monday is here, let’s make this week better than the last! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

Feature link: Powerful Delegates
For more excellent content, please visit

Today’s xkcd comic is a winner as usual!

Nintendo Surgeon
Nintendo Surgeon
Dirk Strauss
Dirk is a Software Developer from South Africa. He loves all things Technology and is slightly addicted to Jimi Hendrix. Apart from writing code, he also enjoys authoring books and articles. "I love sharing knowledge and connecting with people from around the world. It's the diversity that makes life so beautiful." Dirk feels very strongly that pizza is simply not complete without Tabasco, that you can never have too much garlic, and that cooking the perfect steak is an art he has almost mastered.

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