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The Daily Six Pack: July 24, 2013

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Prosecuting Edward Snowden Featured

Prosecuting Edward Snowden – The story of intrigue and spy vs spy. There is a lot to say about the subject, and no matter what your personal point of view is on the matter, he will probably be caught. Bruce Schneider writes a great article on Prosecuting Snowden. If you don’t read it at the Featured Link below, here is an excerpt:

“…many people who have been involved in such matters believe Snowden will be caught. Because no matter how much he may love sticking it to the U.S. government and waving the banner of truth, justice, and freedom of speech, that mission will prove largely unsustainable without serious fundraisers, organizers and dedicated allies working on his behalf for a long time.

They’ll have to make Edward Snowden their living, because those who are chasing him already have. Government agents will be paid every minute of every day for as long as it takes. Seasons may change and years may pass, but the odds say that one morning, he’ll look out of a window, go for a walk or stop for a cup of coffee, and the trap will spring shut. It will be almost like a movie.”

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Feature link: Prosecuting Edward Snowden
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