Crypto Logger For Net

Crypto Logger For Net - If you have been developing software for any length of time, you will know that at some point or another you will be required to log application events such as errors or other information. This is especially true if you are creating an application without a

Debugging Windows Services using an #if Directive

Debugging Windows Services - I love writing them. In fact, to encompass a unit of functionality in a self contained bit of code is incredibly powerful. That is, if it is written correctly. I think it is something we as programmers take a bit for granted. One thing I know, is that

Creating a Windows Service with a Timer

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Okay, you probably all know this, but somewhere someone doesn't. And I thought it might be a nice article to post. Have you created a Windows Service Timer that isn't working? The reason for this is because you probably added a Windows Forms Timer to your Service instead of a