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Crypto Logger For Net

Crypto Logger For Net – If you have been developing software for any length of time, you will know that at some point or another you will be required to log application events such as errors or other information. This is especially true if you are creating an application without a user interface such as a Windows Service. Many times you can revert to writing your own implementation of a logging framework, but this takes time to do. So what options are left?

Logging Application Events With Tools

If I mention logging, many of you might immediately think of Log4Net. I have used Log4Net in the past, and as with all software, have experienced some issues. I posted an article here: Log4Net and Visual Studio 2010 Windows Application Build Error – SOLVED

I also found other logging frameworks a bit finicky to implement. At the end of the day, I was looking for a solution that simply worked. I didn’t want to think about configuring it or trying to jump through hoops. I am probably spoiled that way, but if I want some basic functionality like logging inside a very complex application, the last thing I want is for the implementation of the logging framework to be complex as well.

Crypto Logger For Net

Finding a logging framework that did what I needed was a challenge. I feel that part of the problem is that so many people stick with what they know. I know that there are some of you that might ask why Crypto Logger For Net? For me it is the incredible ease of use.

crypto logger for net reference

Start off by adding a reference to the LogicNP.CryptoLogger DLL.

crypto logger for net using statement

Add a using statement and proceed to add the following code below.

crypto logger for net code

Going through an explanation of the code is not what I want to do here. What the code does is obvious. What I do want to focus your attention to is on line 30. The OutputFormat is defined as Text. When you run the application it creates a log file. Inspecting that log file will provide you with the following information.

crypto logger for net log file

This is great for using to trace the output of your application. You can send this text file on to whoever needs to review the information. This is however not the only thing that Crypto Logger For Net can do. Have a look at line 30.

crypto logger for net binary

Go ahead and change the OutputFormat to Binary and run your code again. When you view your output file again, you will notice that the output has changed to the binary format.

binary output log file

Open up the Logging Console and type Ctrl+O to open a log file. Navigate to the output file above and click on it. Crypto Logger For Net will load the log file into the console allowing you filter, search and make sense of your logged output. This is the functionality that I have wanted from a logging framework since forever.

Logging Console

I could go on for a very long time about Crypto Logger For Net because there is so much more to this than what my article covers. I would suggest that you head on over to the LogicNP Software website and download an evaluation today. Have a look at what it can do for your code and how easily you can implement it in new or existing software.

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