The Daily Six Pack: July 4, 2013

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Douglas C. Engelbart passed away on Tuesday at the age of 88 due to kidney failure. If you are not sure who he was, be sure to read the article in today's featured link. I am certain that he touched the life of every computer user alive today. It actually

VirtualBox CompareExchange128 Error on Windows 8.1 Preview Install

Clone VirtualBox VM's

VirtualBox CompareExchange128 Error Over the past few days, the Internet has been abuzz with articles, Tweets and showcases of Windows 8.1 Preview and Visual Studio 2013 Preview. My curiosity got the better of me, so last night I decided to give Windows 8.1 Preview a whirl. So as any good intrepid explorer

The Daily Six Pack: June 27, 2013

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Windows 8.1 Preview is here. Get a feel for the OS with a first-hand look at many of the new features and improvements with the Windows 8.1 Preview. Brandon LeBlanc discusses Windows 8.1 Preview in more detail in today's featured link, so be sure to check it out especially if you can't