Accelerate API Development in Visual Studio with .http/.rest Files!

Accelerate API Development with http or rest files in Visual Studio

Accelerate API Development - Modern web applications rely heavily on back-end APIs and microservices, which can be challenging to develop efficiently due to the need for agility and quick iterations. To make working with APIs easier during the entire inner-loop lifecycle, from coding to testing, Visual Studio has introduced a

Rainbow Braces for Visual Studio: A Comprehensive Guide

Adding Rainbow Braces to Visual Studio 2022

Rainbow Braces for Visual Studio makes it easier for developers to figure out which brackets match each other. Many IDE's provide this feature via extensions, and a feature request on the Visual Studio Developer Community is gaining traction. This feature has been added to the Visual Studio roadmap. There is,

Code Optimization using Span : An Introduction

Code optimization using Span of T

Code Optimization is a topic that gets a lot of attention. With the release of .NET 7, a thousand performance-impacting PRs went into the runtime and core libraries. This means that .NET 7 is fast, really fast, and it deserves a closer look if you want to optimize your codebase.

Required Properties in C# 11

Required properties in C#

Required properties in C# is a feature I have secretly wanted for as long as I can remember. It's finally here in .NET 7 and C# 11. It is important to know that C# 11 will only work in .NET 7. The sample code below was written using .NET 7

Rate Limiting in .NET 7

Rate Limit API Requests

With the release of .NET 7, your applications will see an increase in performance and new features for C# 11, F# 7, .NET MAUI, ASP.NET Core/Blazor, Web APIs, WinForms, WPF and more. Download .NET 7 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. A nice feature that has been added is rate limiting. Not

Visual Studio 2022 Releasing this Summer

visual studio 2022 coming this summer

It's official, the first public preview of Visual Studio 2022 will be released this Summer. What is even more exciting news, is that this version of Visual Studio will be 64-bit. This means that developers will no longer be limited to ~4gb of RAM in the devenv.exe process. Looking for Something