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Office Excel 2013 – The Quick Access Toolbar, Your Way

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Office Excel Splash Start ScreenI consider myself rather proficient with using a PC. In fact, I think that I take many of the features of the operating system and other applications rather for granted. Every once in a while, I slow down just long enough to notice something new.

Every day, I try to go through a few articles from some of my favourite bloggers of tech  and just sit and absorb what they are writing about. It is during moments such as these that I usually learn something new. The following tip is (I am almost ashamed to say this) something I never knew, or took notice of.

I love finding little gems such as these, and it will make my life (and hopefully yours) a bit easier.

Did you ever take notice of the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the Office 2013 window? The Save, Undo, Redo buttons are there for easy access.

Office Excel 2013 File and Home Tab

Something I like to use a lot is the Format Painter option. But it is a pain having to leave the tab I’m on to select the Format Painter option.

Office Excel 2013 Format Painter Option

So now you can simply right click on the Format Painter option and select the “Add to Quick Access Toolbar” option from the context menu.

Office Excel 2013 Add to Quick Access Toolbar

Office dutifully pins it to the Quick Access Toolbar, making it available to you no matter what tab you are on.

Office Excel 2013 Format Painter Pinned

You can now take it even further. By clicking on the dropdown arrow to the right of the Quick Access Toolbar, you can select a host of other menu items, not usually available on the ribbon or hidden deep down inside the file menu system of Office 2013. I opted to add the “Print Preview and Print” option to my Quick Access Toolbar.

Office Excel 2013 Print Preview and Print

This now makes my most used and useful menu items available to me quickly and efficiently.

Office Excel 2013 Preview and Print Pinned

In fact, because it is Office, the same steps above can be performed in any of the Office Applications you have installed…

Microsoft Office 2013 Word

Microsoft Office 2013 Word

Microsoft Office 2013 PowerPoint

Microsoft Office 2013 PowerPoint

Microsoft Office 2013 Outlook

Microsoft Office 2013 Outlook

I guess everyone gets stuck in a rut of doing things the way we have always done them, and as long as it works, it’s fine. Perhaps we should just go a step further and try to learn something new. I’m glad I did.

Reference: Paul Thurrott

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