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Edit PDF documents with Office 2013

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Microsoft Office 2013 WordBeing consistent with securing your digital life, be it at work or at play, will pay dividends sooner rather than later. If you don’t take your online security seriously, opportunists will take advantage of that fact and have their way with your data. How many of you create documents in Office and save them as PDF documents? Did you know that you can edit PDF documents in Office 2013? Well as part from being able to edit and create PDF documents in Word 2013, you can now also password protect the PDF documents you create.

Let me illustrate. Start your copy of Word 2013 and select to open a PDF document.

Office Word 2013 Open PDF

Word is kind enough to tell you that it will convert your PDF document to an editable Word document. Depending on the size of the PDF document, this might take several minutes. If the PDF document contains many images, they might appear a bit mixed up. But the main thing is that the once read only PDF document is now editable.

Word Open PDF as Word Doc

The solution to protect it, is a simple one. When you save a document as a PDF in Word, click on the Options button.

Office Word Save As PDF

The Save options for a PDF document now allows you to protect the document with a password.

Office 2013 Encrypt with Password

You documents are now safe from being opened and modified by¬†unauthorised¬†people. You can store your information on secure drives or storage spaces, but if the document itself isn’t secured it might be the weak link in your security measures.

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