Microsoft MVP Award for Visual C#

I want to take the time to thank Microsoft and the MVP Community for awarding me the MVP Award for contributions in Visual C#. I would also like to thank Hande Kayadeniz Torkan, MVP Community Program Manager for MEA for all her support and assistance.  My hope is to continue contributing to

Flight – How Far We Have Come

Flight is truly one of the most amazing human feats. When Orville and Wilbur Wright flew for the first time in 1903 they probably didn't realize the impact their breakthrough would have on the human race. The reason I say this is that their framework of reference was limited to what

Technology Addiction – The Next Evolution Of Man Or A Global Threat

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Technology Addiction - Do you ever get the feeling that you're too dependant on technology? Do you even think that your technology use is excessive? Now I'm not talking about someone who works in IT. Generally, I have a healthy split between family life, friends and my technology addiction. Paul Miller