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Virgin America Safety Video

Virgin America – I remember the first time I flew on a plane. I attentively listened to the safety demonstration and read the safety booklet. I made a mental note of the exits and kept an eye on the warning lights overhead to see when I could loosen my seatbelt.

These days, I often have to fly to Johannesburg and I already know the drill. Needless to say, I can go up front and do the safety demonstration myself. These safety demonstrations are mandated by the FAA and if you fly regularly, you will be used to them already.

This is why I really enjoyed the latest safety demonstration video released by Virgin America. If you have been watching CNN over the past few days, you might have seen the video already.

I just thought that it was too good not to share it here too.

Virgin America Safety Video

So as I was typing this article, a news alert popped up on my desktop.

virgin america

How strange is that? Nevertheless, while the Virgin America Safety Video below is very entertaining, I doubt that it will keep me busy for the whole flight…. well perhaps. But the rest of the passengers might complain. The bottom line is that someone really looked past the dull and dreary safety demonstrations and made this one stand out entirely. I can imagine that the tune will be one of those getting stuck in many minds. But that, at the end of the day, is the whole point… to get you thinking (or humming) about safety. Well done Virgin America, well done.

Lastly, as per Fight Club… have you actually noticed how the characters in any safety video always have smiling faces? It is a far cry from the sheer terror and soiling of pants in the ‘unlikely event’ of an emergency. I guess it’s all marketing.


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