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The Daily Six Pack: May 28, 2013

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LightSwitch Code Snippets Featured

LightSwitch Code Snippets is an extension that Microsoft MVP and Visual Studio LightSwitch Insider, Alessandro Del Sole recently released. It “provides an easy way to install a number of JavaScript code snippets for the LightSwitch HTML Client created by the LightSwitch Team at Microsoft“.

If you haven’t worked with LightSwitch before, go have a look at some of the resources online. You will be surprised at how powerful this technology really is. Lastly, go have a look at the book, LightSwitch Succinctly written by Jan Van der Haegen as part of Syncfusion’s free eBook series.

Lastly, have you been saying GIF (a hard G) or JIF (a soft G)? I have been committing grammatical faux pas for years, thinking I was pronouncing it correctly, right up until GIF inventor Steve Wilhite poured cold water over my seemingly cool pronunciation. Josh Benson writes a great post on this, and that crazy GIF (or is that JIF) of Jack Nicholson is just freaky man! I love it!

Have another great day today folks! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

Feature link: LightSwitch Code Snippets
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Lastly, I love funny comics. Here is one of my favourites! Go check out xkcd comics. In the meantime, enjoy some of them here:

Raptor Fences
Raptor Fences
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