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The Daily Six Pack: May 21, 2013

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Microsoft Golden Years Featured

Microsoft has come a long way since its beginnings and has grown into a true powerhouse of the Technology world. Bill Gates, though no longer actively involved at Microsoft is focussing his time and energies on his philanthropic work. It is this legacy that he will, in my opinion be remembered for.

It is truly incredible to see a man pour all his energy into helping humanity. Have a look at the featured link and the then and now pics. It makes you think about what was and what is today. It also gives you perspective of just how far we have come in modern computing.

Next we take a look at Daniel Cook’s 8 laws of productivity. This is a very insightful read and I am sure that many of us can check off a few of those on the list. In fact, the 40 hour work week….. yeah, that sounds familiar.

Lastly, Doug Seelinger shows us the correct way to code a custom exception class. There are some great code examples to illustrate what he is explaining, so have a look at his post over at The Agileer.

Have a great day today! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

Feature link: Microsoft Golden Years
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