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The Daily Six Pack: May 17, 2013

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IntelliTrace Featured

IntelliTrace is a new feature introduced by Microsoft in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (Yes believe it or not, not everyone is using Visual Studio 2012 yet). It was previously known as Historical Debugger. IntelliTrace is a tool that helps developers track down bugs that might not be reproducible in their managed code apps. Think of as an example, those that appear only once because of a web service error or a system issue. See more in the featured link.

Then, (as everyone knows) many shiny new things were unveiled at Google’s I/O recently. What was also announced was a brand new IDE that has been built with the needs of Android developers in mind. Called Android Studio, this free IDE is available now for you to try as an early access preview.

Lastly, my wife has just made me go white with fear as I realized how gullible people really are. She received a mail from the South African Revenue Service stating that an amount of money has been paid into her account. She still told me jokingly that she could see from the email address that it was a spam mail. [Scare Alert – Enter Scary Music Now] She also told me that she clicked on the link in the mail because she was curious to see what it did. I am convinced… WE are our own worst security risk. I think I need to write a blog post on this. Anyway, Troy Hunt brings us some more excellent security advice, so give that article of his a read.

Have a great day today! I am off to go and educate the wifey on good security practices. Here is The Daily Six Pack!

Feature link: IntelliTrace
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