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The Daily Six Pack: May 16, 2013

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Microsoft Surface

Kunal Chowdhury shares a tip he learned while looking for a solution to his Microsoft Surface RT device not switching on. Even though the device was fully charged, he was unable to turn on the device. See his post for more info. If you want to learn more about Microsoft Surface, have a look at the Surface site at Microsoft.

Next up, criminals seem to be hacking everyone these days. From news agencies to government organisations and big corporations, it seems to be happening with almost comical frequency. The challenge therefore is for you to secure your business against these threats. This is especially daunting if your business is a medium sized business that doesn’t employ a dedicated IT security team. The Cyber Security Roadmap link below gives us some advice on how to weather these threats and provides some great links to free resources that can be useful in your endeavour to secure your company.

With a brand new layout, search features and new ways to highlight the “things that matter most”, the redesigned Google Maps leaked on the net shows a lot of thought and love for an already excellent product. This with I/O around the corner, makes for some really exciting times. Read more at the link below.

Have a great day today! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

Feature link: Microsoft Surface
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