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The Daily Six Pack: June 12, 2013

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Data Backup Featured

Data Backup strategies vary, but one thing is for certain. How ever you do it, be sure to do it. Shawn Keene wrote a great article on his blog about his hard drive crash and how he recovered from it. Do you backup your data on a regular basis? What is your backup and recovery plan?

In the next link, Shawn shows us how to sync your libraries to SkyDrive. There are so many tools available to us for online storage, we really have no excuse not to (unless you are a conspiracy theorist that thinks backing up to the cloud will expose you to risk). The most important thing to consider is what the value of your data is and what it means to you. Can you afford not to have a Data Backup plan and not to back up your data to some type of ‘off hard drive’ storage.

Kunal Chowdhury then talks about Lazy loading and how it can be beneficial to your applications. This is a really nice post for the devs out there. Lastly, Michael Crump gives us a recap of the WWDC 2013 in just 750 words.

The middle of the week has arrived. Have a great day! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

Feature link: Data Backup
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Today’s Comic

Today’s xkcd comic is for all you Firefox fans!

Dirk Strauss
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