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CodeFluent Entities – A Tool For Developers by Developers

CodeFluent Entities - I love being a lazy software developer, especially when a great tool such as CodeFluent Entities is involved. It is incredible how much control this tool puts in my hands while allowing me to generate code with ease. In this article I will show you how to

CodeSmith Generator Projects And Visual Studio

CodeSmith Generator Projects

CodeSmith Generator Projects allow developers to manage a batch of CodeSmith Generator templates and outputs. All this is done in a single CodeSmith Generator Project file (.csp). This is great for when you need to generate several code templates that are logically grouped together by their implementation. Think of data

CodeSmith Generator – Creating Your First Template

CodeSmith Generator Projects

CodeSmith Generator - I love automating repetitive tasks when programming. Sometimes this isn't as easy as it sounds. I have specific Visual Studio Templates for specific projects. As I build on the previous template (Improve or expand), I create a new template and export that. There is however one thing