Debugging Windows Services using an #if Directive

Debugging Windows Services - I love writing them. In fact, to encompass a unit of functionality in a self contained bit of code is incredibly powerful. That is, if it is written correctly. I think it is something we as programmers take a bit for granted. One thing I know, is that

South African ID Number Validation in C#

South African ID Number Validation

South African ID Number Validation - There are many reasons a developer in South Africa would need to validate a South African ID number. They might need to validate the input on an Online order form. They might need it as a form of identification for a loan etc. How exactly

Creating a Windows Service with a Timer

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Okay, you probably all know this, but somewhere someone doesn't. And I thought it might be a nice article to post. Have you created a Windows Service Timer that isn't working? The reason for this is because you probably added a Windows Forms Timer to your Service instead of a