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Deep Web – Silk Road And The Inside Story Of Ross Ulbricht

Deep Web – Has the Dread Pirate Roberts been put away for life without the possibility of parole? This documentary explores those caught in the crosshairs of a battle for control of our future which is inevitably linked to technology. What’s at stake? According to some, our digital rights hang in the balance.

Deep Web

This documentary is the only film with exclusive access to Ross Ulbricht’s family. It also features the core architects of the Deep Web, dissident journalists and whistleblowers seeking refuge in a seemingly secure online environment. Watch how the people behind the rise of Silk Road combined the security of the Deep Web and the anonymity of cryptocurrency.

Authorities say that they have caught the Dread Pirate Roberts, but is he really the man they called DPR? There is apparently plenty of evidence suggesting that Ross Ulbricht was involved in Silk Road. The authorities seized his laptop while he was logged in, but is there more than one DRP? Have they merely just cut off the head of an unknown, unseen Hydra that will persist and proclaim its resilience and growth in the face of resistance?

Some dispute the fact that Ross Ulbricht could do what he did on his own. Others ask how the FBI found the server or Ross’ IP address without some illegal hacking? Did the FBI lie about Ross Ulbricht? The fact is that Silk Road was not the first place to sell drugs on the Internet and it definitely will not be the last.

What does the arrest and harsh sentence of Ross Ulbricht mean for the Deep Web? Does anyone think that the sentence will deter other DRP’s? Deep Web is premiering on epix on May 31st at 8 pm EST (13 hours from the time of this post). Perhaps there are more questions still unanswered than we might be lead to believe.

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